Coffee Day in Seattle

Some days are days meant for playing with no restrictions. Having fun with all those random snippets that hang out in your head.

Coffee is one of my favorite subjects to shoot. Textures, patterns and colors are constantly an inspiration to me and coffee beans never disappoint. There’s so much movement to be found whether whole, ground or in liquid form.

My collaboration with food stylist Julie Hopper was filled with bad jokes, plenty of laughs and a little too much caffeine, as it turned out. Or not enough? Depends on how ya look at it. In our highly jitterish state we turned out a good amount of images we were both happy with. Here’s a few from the group!

These were shot with a two light setup of both natural and artificial light. In addition, I always have my fave and cheapest tools of black and white foam core to manipulate shadows. I’m all about simple. Cheers! -H

Coffee Bean Word Play

Pour Over at home

Still life Morning coffee

Lemon Greek Yogurt

A little tidbit I wanted to share with you all,

Ellenos greek yogurt was in the studio today and it was so dam good I had to share it with the world. I know what i’m having for breakfast now forever. Happy Friday!

Ellenos Greek Yogurt




Vashon Coffee Day – Seattle Area

Last Saturday was a day filled with coffee. The weather was kind of iffy, but the light was beautiful so I decided to stay in and play! I picked up some “Cow Boy Coffee” (yes it’s actually called that) from Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie – one of my favorite places for a great cup and good think.

While visiting on that particular Saturday, I was surprised to learn that the Roasterie started out as Stewart Brothers Coffee and later became Seattle’s Best! Eva DeLoach now owns the darling shop and works with a team of passionate individuals who together make Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie an active cog in Seattle coffee history. The talented Peter Larsen still roasts there today after having accompanied Seattle’s Best founder, Jim Stewart, many years ago. During the holiday season, you can also find Peter roasting the best hazelnuts I have ever had!

Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie has the good fortune of calling a 100-plus years old, very well taken care of building, its home. The bean roasting still takes place right there and you can gaze down upon its original old red roaster, which has been undiminished by commercialism and time. The Seattle area coffee scene is pretty darn awesome.

By the end of the day I was sufficiently buzzed, grounds were everywhere, and my hands/clothes were coffee stained. Such is the price of making art. Best Saturday ever. Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope the day, or night, is treating you well!


Seattle Coffee Scene, Quaint, Seattle Coffee Scene Seattle Coffee Scene, Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie




Six Seven Fall Feast- Seattle Waterfront Restaurant

Hello! When I was invited to attend the Fall food bloggers dinner at Six Seven Restaurant, my answer was, “YES PLEASE.” Heck ya I’d love to eat a wonderful feast and chit chat with wine and food lovers alike! Also, I was like, “uuuhhh, how did you find me!? I have a giant following of 32 and blog for fun very sporadically!”. I marked my calendar and set out my shiny shoes, excited for the following Thursday to roll around.

Upon the day of the event, I was greeted by smiling faces and excitement from the staff who promptly led me to the place of future supping. “Can I make you a cocktail?” I was asked. I asked them to make me one of their favorites and soon had in hand a Cherry Blossom Fizz. Usually I’m an Old Fashioned kind of gal, but this was light, happy and topped with a zingy flavor – very well complemented to my mood and the sunshine streaming in from the Puget Sound. Soon other food passion-istas arrived and we all sat down in anticipation of our meal to come.

The feast was wonderful. We had seven courses each filled with unique and memorable flavors, my personal favorite of the evening was the Roasted Rack of Lamb. I have always loved the flavor of lamb; it’s earthy depth holds my attention over beef, chicken or pork. Chef paired this dish with buttery gnocchi, roasted veggies and a stone mustered lamb reduction – all of which enhanced the meal’s cozy tones and made the experience complete. I would head to dinner at Six Seven just for this dish! That’s not to say the others weren’t amazing, they all had something special and unique, I’m just a sucker for hearty lamb and a cozy atmosphere.

By the time the Pear and Frangipane Tart was placed in front of me I was just about ready to pop. But one can’t say no to dessert – let alone one made with brandy caramel, pear and vanilla sour cream! It was a lovely dish to end the evening. Though I couldn’t finish it all, it left just the right amount of sweetness in my mouth. What a treat to get to partake in such a flavorful night. Thank you to Six Seven Restaurant and Edgewater Hotel’s gracious mangers, staff and Chef for hosting such a memorable seven course meal and an evening of good cheer! I will be going back for sure.

Cheers and I hope your weekend has treated you well! All photos are from my Iphone.


Edge Waters Hotels, Six Seven Restauraunt. Food Bloggers Fall Dinner

Bloom Restaurant :: Ballard, Seattle

The Fat Hen :: Brunch in Ballard, Seattle

The Fat Hen is hands down one of my favorite places to get brunch in the city. Besides being super adorable and cozy, the food is amazing. The decor is rustic and charming with light warm tones, adding a great deal to the dining experience. Atmosphere combined with a menu that sports local ingredients draped with rich flavor, makes for a very happy me.  You can usually find Linnea, mama hen to The Fat Hen, in front of the espresso machine or checking up on her guests.  You can definitely see the time and effort that has gone into making the food and setting juuust right. Thanks for stopping by and happy Wednesday!

As always, to see more of my work, come visit me at


A window at The Fat Hen pastry case filled with cookies, pastries and banana bread at THe Fat Hen Latte and cinnamon pastry on a wooden table at The Fat Hen restaurant in Seattle Latte and cinnamon pastry on a wooden table at The Fat Hen restaurant in Seattle empty coffee cup and creamer on wooded table The Iside of tThe Fat Hen in Ballard, Seattle Hilary-McMullen-Photography_news-papers several water bottles on a table woman sitting at table reading the newspaper at lunch Caprese sald on a wooden table with water Caprese salad on a wooden table at The Fat Hen in Ballard

Pike Place Market’s, Chan Seattle – Seattle Food Photographer

Hello All!

I had the pleasure of photographing Chan Seattle for the September/October issue of Edible Seattle Magazine.  Chan is nestled in a tiny courtyard in Pike Place Market’s, Post Alley. Chef Park’s Korean dishes are classic and modern combined with western cooking techniques. After the shoot, I tried the spicy pork sliders and they were super good with lots of unique spicy flavor. Here are some of my favorite snaps!  To see more of my work, come visit me at my website! Thanks so much for stopping by and happy Thursday!

Edible Seattle Magazine article about Chan Seattle photographed by Hilary McMullen

Article about Chan Seattle in  Edible Seattle Magazine shot by Hilary McMullen

Feast on the Farm : Salmon Safe, Hitchcock Restaurant and Oxbow Farm

This year Stewardship Partners, Oxbow Farm and Salmon-Safe teamed up for the 4th annual Feast on the Farm. Founded by Kate Bayley and headed by David Burger, Feast on the Farm is a not for profit fundraiser which promotes awareness of local farms that participate in environmentally conscious and healthy farming. YES! …and it’s real purdy.

The wonderful food was prepared by Brendan McGill of Hitchcock who was recently named “Peoples Best New Chef” by Food & Wine Magazine, and his supportive team. Fragrances of fresh caught barbeque salmon, barbeque chicken, farrow with romanesco florets, wine, and seasonings wafted around Oxbow’s beautiful field all evening. I ate vicariously through my camera lens and then for realz later, yes the food was fabulous.

Shelby Earl, who is receiving tons of great press, serenaded the feast with her bold voice and wonderfully catchy songs. Her song “Sea of Glass” was KEXP’s song of the day on Thursday. Keep it up girl!

The dreamy setting, the fantastic food and the supportive individuals made for a very fun evening which raised 15,000 dollars for an awesome purpose. Thanks to everyone who put in an effort to make this special event happen!

I sure had fun snappin and I hope you enjoy the photos! To see more come visit me at my website.


Tomatoe vies and sighn at Oxbow Farm Oxbow Farm Bee Hive Sign at Oxbow Farm green bean vies with red flower at Oxbow Farm People touring Oxbow Farm waitress and a straw hat at Feast on the Farm Sarah Cassidy, Luke Woodward, and Adam McCurdy giving a speech at Oxbow farm Hilary-McMullen-Photography-24 white wine and a grape vine at Oxbow Farm Beautiful Table set for Feasts on the Farm at Oxbow Farm People heading to the field to eat Hitchcock Restaurants team at Oxbow Farm Flowers and people smiling at Oxbow Farm Brendam McGill of Hitchcock Restaurant cooking lentals Oxbow farm raod and pamphlet for Feast on the Farm 2013 Grilled chicken People at Stewardship Partners fundraiser Davis Burger and Brendan McGill Person in Salmon-Safe siut at Oxbow Farmsigns and foods for Feast on the Farm   Shely Earl singing on Oxbow farm Bendan McGill grilling salmon for Feast on the Farm Waitress bringing plate of food to table Grilled zucchini at Feast on the Farm Brendan McGill, BBQ Salmon people talking about stewardship partners on Oxbow farm veggie stars at Oxbow Farm Salmon safe sign Kate Bayley at feast on the farm 2013 Poeple sitting at the long table in the field at Feast on the farm Woman wearing cowgirl boots Cherry Tomatoes and sweet pea flowers at Feast on the Farm Sign of Oxbow Farm food and wine on a table at feat on the farm Brendan McGill cooking salmon green tree frog

A Creative City : Seattle

Here’s a little collection of old and new tumblr style. I have been working on a lot of fun projects and meeting so many new people with unique creative visions.  It’s always a pleasant surprise to meet new artists in the industry.  I’m sure many cities have a plethora of creative folk and I feel very lucky to live in one of them. Here, established artists and new artists work together and help contribute to Seattle’s reputation as a “cultural center for innovation and creativity”. I sure have learned from as well as been supported by many and am happy to have picked up some great friends along the way too. I’m just feeling especially thankful today. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!

A collection for food and still life photos by Hilary McMullen