Six Seven Fall Feast- Seattle Waterfront Restaurant

Hello! When I was invited to attend the Fall food bloggers dinner at Six Seven Restaurant, my answer was, “YES PLEASE.” Heck ya I’d love to eat a wonderful feast and chit chat with wine and food lovers alike! Also, I was like, “uuuhhh, how did you find me!? I have a giant following of 32 and blog for fun very sporadically!”. I marked my calendar and set out my shiny shoes, excited for the following Thursday to roll around.

Upon the day of the event, I was greeted by smiling faces and excitement from the staff who promptly led me to the place of future supping. “Can I make you a cocktail?” I was asked. I asked them to make me one of their favorites and soon had in hand a Cherry Blossom Fizz. Usually I’m an Old Fashioned kind of gal, but this was light, happy and topped with a zingy flavor – very well complemented to my mood and the sunshine streaming in from the Puget Sound. Soon other food passion-istas arrived and we all sat down in anticipation of our meal to come.

The feast was wonderful. We had seven courses each filled with unique and memorable flavors, my personal favorite of the evening was the Roasted Rack of Lamb. I have always loved the flavor of lamb; it’s earthy depth holds my attention over beef, chicken or pork. Chef paired this dish with buttery gnocchi, roasted veggies and a stone mustered lamb reduction – all of which enhanced the meal’s cozy tones and made the experience complete. I would head to dinner at Six Seven just for this dish! That’s not to say the others weren’t amazing, they all had something special and unique, I’m just a sucker for hearty lamb and a cozy atmosphere.

By the time the Pear and Frangipane Tart was placed in front of me I was just about ready to pop. But one can’t say no to dessert – let alone one made with brandy caramel, pear and vanilla sour cream! It was a lovely dish to end the evening. Though I couldn’t finish it all, it left just the right amount of sweetness in my mouth. What a treat to get to partake in such a flavorful night. Thank you to Six Seven Restaurant and Edgewater Hotel’s gracious mangers, staff and Chef for hosting such a memorable seven course meal and an evening of good cheer! I will be going back for sure.

Cheers and I hope your weekend has treated you well! All photos are from my Iphone.


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