Bloom Restaurant :: Ballard, Seattle

Feast on the Farm : Salmon Safe, Hitchcock Restaurant and Oxbow Farm

This year Stewardship Partners, Oxbow Farm and Salmon-Safe teamed up for the 4th annual Feast on the Farm. Founded by Kate Bayley and headed by David Burger, Feast on the Farm is a not for profit fundraiser which promotes awareness of local farms that participate in environmentally conscious and healthy farming. YES! …and it’s real purdy.

The wonderful food was prepared by Brendan McGill of Hitchcock who was recently named “Peoples Best New Chef” by Food & Wine Magazine, and his supportive team. Fragrances of fresh caught barbeque salmon, barbeque chicken, farrow with romanesco florets, wine, and seasonings wafted around Oxbow’s beautiful field all evening. I ate vicariously through my camera lens and then for realz later, yes the food was fabulous.

Shelby Earl, who is receiving tons of great press, serenaded the feast with her bold voice and wonderfully catchy songs. Her song “Sea of Glass” was KEXP’s song of the day on Thursday. Keep it up girl!

The dreamy setting, the fantastic food and the supportive individuals made for a very fun evening which raised 15,000 dollars for an awesome purpose. Thanks to everyone who put in an effort to make this special event happen!

I sure had fun snappin and I hope you enjoy the photos! To see more come visit me at my website.


Tomatoe vies and sighn at Oxbow Farm Oxbow Farm Bee Hive Sign at Oxbow Farm green bean vies with red flower at Oxbow Farm People touring Oxbow Farm waitress and a straw hat at Feast on the Farm Sarah Cassidy, Luke Woodward, and Adam McCurdy giving a speech at Oxbow farm Hilary-McMullen-Photography-24 white wine and a grape vine at Oxbow Farm Beautiful Table set for Feasts on the Farm at Oxbow Farm People heading to the field to eat Hitchcock Restaurants team at Oxbow Farm Flowers and people smiling at Oxbow Farm Brendam McGill of Hitchcock Restaurant cooking lentals Oxbow farm raod and pamphlet for Feast on the Farm 2013 Grilled chicken People at Stewardship Partners fundraiser Davis Burger and Brendan McGill Person in Salmon-Safe siut at Oxbow Farmsigns and foods for Feast on the Farm   Shely Earl singing on Oxbow farm Bendan McGill grilling salmon for Feast on the Farm Waitress bringing plate of food to table Grilled zucchini at Feast on the Farm Brendan McGill, BBQ Salmon people talking about stewardship partners on Oxbow farm veggie stars at Oxbow Farm Salmon safe sign Kate Bayley at feast on the farm 2013 Poeple sitting at the long table in the field at Feast on the farm Woman wearing cowgirl boots Cherry Tomatoes and sweet pea flowers at Feast on the Farm Sign of Oxbow Farm food and wine on a table at feat on the farm Brendan McGill cooking salmon green tree frog

Endless Organic Eggs

My mother has 7 Bantam Silkie hens and they are crazy adorable.  They all have equally adorable names, but so help me, I’m always getting confused as to who’s who, except for Mrs. Button cause she’s the fattest and oldest, so I mostly call them all Fluffy. Anywho, I went out to collect the morning bounty to discover that Mrs. Button was the only one left in the coop and was hunkered down for the ages in a giant pile of straw… broody again.  When I got close to coax her out into the sunlight she greeted me with soft peeping noises and moved a bit to reveal at least 20 mini brown eggs.  Apparently, when the other gals leave for the day to begin their bug and plant foraging, Mrs. Button scuttles around the coop collecting and pushing all the eggs she can find into her carefully made straw nest. CUTE! I felt a little guilty snatching her treasure but the fact that she had been sitting in this one spot for a week made me think she probably needed some nutrition from the great outdoors, and poor girl, the eggs are never going to hatch! She soon decided that it was indeed time to hit the lawn and almost instantly found a juicy caterpillar thing, ew. The nice size pile of pretty brown speckled eggs inspired me to have a little fun behind the camera and here’s what came out of it! Happy Saturday!