Coffee Day in Seattle

Some days are days meant for playing with no restrictions. Having fun with all those random snippets that hang out in your head.

Coffee is one of my favorite subjects to shoot. Textures, patterns and colors are constantly an inspiration to me and coffee beans never disappoint. There’s so much movement to be found whether whole, ground or in liquid form.

My collaboration with food stylist Julie Hopper was filled with bad jokes, plenty of laughs and a little too much caffeine, as it turned out. Or not enough? Depends on how ya look at it. In our highly jitterish state we turned out a good amount of images we were both happy with. Here’s a few from the group!

These were shot with a two light setup of both natural and artificial light. In addition, I always have my fave and cheapest tools of black and white foam core to manipulate shadows. I’m all about simple. Cheers! -H

Coffee Bean Word Play

Pour Over at home

Still life Morning coffee

Lemon Greek Yogurt

A little tidbit I wanted to share with you all,

Ellenos greek yogurt was in the studio today and it was so dam good I had to share it with the world. I know what i’m having for breakfast now forever. Happy Friday!

Ellenos Greek Yogurt