Lemon Greek Yogurt

A little tidbit I wanted to share with you all,

Ellenos greek yogurt was in the studio today and it was so dam good I had to share it with the world. I know what i’m having for breakfast now forever. Happy Friday!

Ellenos Greek Yogurt




Endless Organic Eggs

My mother has 7 Bantam Silkie hens and they are crazy adorable.  They all have equally adorable names, but so help me, I’m always getting confused as to who’s who, except for Mrs. Button cause she’s the fattest and oldest, so I mostly call them all Fluffy. Anywho, I went out to collect the morning bounty to discover that Mrs. Button was the only one left in the coop and was hunkered down for the ages in a giant pile of straw… broody again.  When I got close to coax her out into the sunlight she greeted me with soft peeping noises and moved a bit to reveal at least 20 mini brown eggs.  Apparently, when the other gals leave for the day to begin their bug and plant foraging, Mrs. Button scuttles around the coop collecting and pushing all the eggs she can find into her carefully made straw nest. CUTE! I felt a little guilty snatching her treasure but the fact that she had been sitting in this one spot for a week made me think she probably needed some nutrition from the great outdoors, and poor girl, the eggs are never going to hatch! She soon decided that it was indeed time to hit the lawn and almost instantly found a juicy caterpillar thing, ew. The nice size pile of pretty brown speckled eggs inspired me to have a little fun behind the camera and here’s what came out of it! Happy Saturday!






Ravishing Radish Catering

Last week  I had the pleasure of working with the amazing Lisbet Mielke, owner of Ravishing Radish Catering and Ravish Restaurant in Seattle.  What a gem of a place indeed!  Nestled at the end of Eastlake Ave, Ravish sits with inviting bright green chairs and a vintage chic decor to match.   They specialize in finding fresh, local ingredients and have a great seasonal menu not to mention wonderfully friendly staff.  Naturally I got excited right away and couldn’t wait to shoot some of their delicious food.

Product photographer Casey Lam agreed to be my amazing assistant for the day and we started bright and early at Ravishes’ catering location which is conveniently one street below the restaurant with Lake Union as their front yard.  If ever you need a beautiful spot to bring lots of people together, this is the place!  After several beautiful dishes including seared halibut with multicolored tomato basil vinaigrette and seckle pear crostinis with thyme and honey, I was drooling all over the set….. Just kidding!   What really happened is Casey, Lisbet, business developer Vickie Peterson  ( both of whom are amazing stylists!) and I  were lost in a creative world of food and photography.

The day continued on after a short lunch break and we moved up to the restaurant location to finish up.  Here, Lisbet whipped up some baked mac and cheese and some beef sliders speckled with fresh carrots and purple cabbage.  They have a full bar so we decided to add a beautiful bright cocktail as well.  Why not?!  That always makes things fun!

So, all in all, a really fantastic day filled with amazing food, really great people and lots of laughs!  Thanks Ravishing Radish for such a great experience!


Ravishing Radish Beef Sliders w Hilary McMullen

.Ravishing Radish Seared halibut, Hilary McMullen

.Ravishing Radish Seckle Pear Crostini w Figs, Hilary McMullen.

Ravish Restaurant in Seattle. Hilary McMullen

.Ravishing Radish in Seattle w Seckle Pear Crostini with Thyme and Honey

.Ravish Restaurant in Seattle, Beef Sliders, Hilary McMullen


Thanks miss Casey for the set shots!

Casey Lam Set shots w Hilary McMullenCasey Lam Set shots w Hilary McMullenCasey Lam Set shots w Hilary McMullenCasey Lam Set shots w Hilary McMullen

It’s Tea Time!

There is a certain romance around tea…

Worth a mention/nostalgia:  The whistle of a steaming kettle (one of my favorite sounds), measuring tea leaves into an empty teapot, tiny silver stirring spoons, a designated tea cupboard that smells like a dream when opened, sterling silver strainers that look as if they might walk over to you, the ever changing pattern of steam flitting up and away from your mug, the eclectic variety of tea cups and saucers, beautiful colors of tea leaves and spices, and last but certainly not least… the opportunity for good company and conversation…in other words, “nuthin like a good old fashioned tea party!”

One of my favorite kinds of tea hands down is Earl Grey.  I love the hint of bergamot oil which makes Earl Grey tea, well, Earl Grey tea!  Bergamot is citrus fruit, yellow in color and about the same size of an orange.   Apparently, this was the favorite tea of the British prime minister in the 1830’s, Charles Earl Grey 2nd.  …and so… It was named after him, hhhmmm… who woulda thought?!

I take mine with a bit of cream, sugar, a good book and/or good company.  I usually buy loose leaf tea because I enjoy the preparation of the “good cup-a-tea” process and for the freshness factor.  I suppose it is personal preference as to how strong you like your tea but here’s a little suggestion given to me by a lovely soul who works at one of my favorite tea shops; “One scoop for me, one scoop for you and one scoop for the pot!”    Suggested amount for 2 or 3 tea drinkers. Let steep for 3/4 minutes.  Enjoy!

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